Saturday, July 26, 2008

Top 10 Ways...

...that you know your wife is throwing you a "surprise" 25th birthday party. (I was going to post this Friday, but that would have been mean. I played along nicely. :P )
  • She keeps having to run out to buy random groceries for your neighbors.
  • The same neighbors' husband calls you from his very busy job at work in the middle of the day to randomly invite you over Shabbos afternoon - despite the fact that he usually sees you at shul.
  • A friend staying at your neighbors for Shabbos suddenly says after arriving at said neighbor "I didn't realize it's your birthday this Shabbos! Happy Birthday!"
  • Everyone at shul happens to know it's your birthday.
  • Your Friday night guests happen to know it's your birthday.
  • Your wife gets nervous when your Facebook wall fills with birthday wishes, wondering how everone knows.
  • Despite buying just a handful of items, there's a $100+ charge from the local grocery.
  • There's a $40 cash withdrawal even though your wife wouldn't have had any reason to take out cash for what she was getting.
  • It takes two hours to pick up a couple prescriptions and challah. Oh, and another mysterious run to the neighbors to drop off milk.
  • Your wife suddenly spends lots of phone calls going "Yes." "No." "Uh-huh." when she normally... well, she normally doesn't just say that. :)
...and on that note, before I get hurt...

Thanks to all of y'all who read this and were able to make it - it was a lot of fun as always, and truly surprising to realize just how many friends we have living close by (with more to come). As I've said to many people in the past, there isn't much holding us in New York City - but having so many great friends so close by is certainly an amazing plus while we are here. Thanks again, Serach, the Raggedies, and everybody else!