Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A-Z Meme

I've been tagged by Chana for this one, and it's pretty interesting, so...

To my ears, none. Most people can't guess where I'm from just by talking to me, though they assume either the Midwest or South, so I guess it's something along those lines. To some extent I'm an accent copier - I adopt the accent of whomever I'm speaking to just a bit. I'm not sure if it's because it makes them more comfortable or just that I'm affected by what I hear, but I've always found it interesting when I notice myself doing it.
Not a big drinker - I would need to drink way too much to get drunk, so it's not too fun or economical for me. But I have a few bottles of Canadian Club and a bottle of 15-year Balvenie Doublewood on the shelf, along with a few other bottles (some empty). We have a lot of guests, so if there's a reason to have a l'chaim, a lot gets drunk at once. Beers I like in general are Corona, Heineken, and a few others.
Chore I Hate:
Anything that needs to be done "right now".
Never had, never wanted. Never understood why people do, unless they're lonely.
Essential Electronics:
Laptop with a DVD player. Normal household electronics. Toaster oven. Digital camera (sob). Everything else is pretty much a bonus...
Favorite Perfume/Cologne:
Whatever Serach wears, I guess. I don't wear cologne - never liked the concept, or the smell.
Gold & Silver:
What's my last name again? Oh right, duh. I don't really wear anything made of either, though Serach has a few things that are white-gold which I like. I'm a diamond/crystal guy, myself, I think. Or white-gold and diamonds. Or something. Not really sure - depends on what it is, I guess...
Do I have to answer this? Ugh. Okay... temporarily Queens, N** Y***. But we're leaving over the summer, God willing. Originally from Cleveland, final destination Israel, with stops so far in Milwaukee, Israel, and Queens.
Well, I can't really ever sleep. Unless I'm completely exhausted, falling asleep is a near impossibility (hence my post times). But I'm not generally tired, and function better than most people by averaging about 4-5 hours a night. I've gone 69 hours without sleep once, and pull 2-days straight all the time. I'm not sure if that makes me an insomniac, though...
Job Title:
Father, Blogger. Student, when I feel like it.
Elianna! :)
Living Arrangements:
1-bedroom apartment, nice size. Eat-in kitchen, long and decently wide living room/dining room area, full bathroom, lots of closets. That's pretty much it. Enough room that we've had 3 (4?) sleeping guests with no problem at all, and 30 or so people for a birthday party.
Most Admired Trait
I don't like this one, can I skip it? My mother recently told me that it's my ability to get along with everybody. Other traits people have said to me... honesty; calm; ability to keep a secret; math/logic; brains in general; listening to people's issues, discussing/helping to solve them. I've always felt that a lot of those go hand in hand with one another, and I don't think most of them are all that impressive - is honesty "impressive"? It shouldn't be. Note: Some of the above are talents, not traits (same issue Chana had).
Number of Sexual Partners:
Overnight Hospital Stays:
First night of Elianna's life... but I was in the lobby, so I'm not sure that counts. Perhaps another times when I was born.
Not sure... used to be heights, but now that's only true if I lean out over an unguarded cliff. If there's a good railing, or I'm climbing a mountain path, I love it.
So many to choose from, but I have three favorites.
  1. "Be yourself, because the people who care don't matter, and the people who matter don't care." - Serach, on the phone, when we'd started dating.
  2. "Honesty is a hard attribute to find/when we all want to seem like/we've got it all figured out. Well let me be the first to say/that I don't have a clue/I don't have all the answers.../Ain't gonna pretend that I do/Just trying.../to find my way/the best that I know how." - Lifehouse, Sick Cycle Carousel [forgot the song name]
  3. "I wanted to change the world, but I realized it was too large of a task for one person, so I tried to change my community. That was also too hard, so I tried to change my family. That was also too hard, so I decided to try and change myself. And though it was very hard, I finally changed myself. And once I changed myself, I discovered my family changed, the community changed, and the entire world changed."
Judaism. Not whatever GH is peddling these days. ;)
OD Brother, 31, married to SIL with 2 kids. Sister V(ervel) Y(eya), married to S(ecret) A(gent) M(an) with 3 kids.
Time I Usually Wake Up:
Varies too much - there is no 'usually'. Does it count if I never went to sleep?
Unusual Talent:
Ability to learn mounds of new material or do vast amount of work at high level under extreme time constraints and high pressure - and succeed. It's unusual in that I do it so often, and while I honestly think most people can do it, my friends think I'm... a) nuts b) talented and c) they don't think anyone else could do it - which makes it 'unusual'.
Vegetable I Refuse To Eat:
Most of them. :)
Worst Habit:
The aforementioned pushing things to the last second. Procrastination, some people call it. Laziness, from others.
Never had. Always liked Cyclops of the X-Men... (from the arcade game. Never read comics.)
Yummy Foods I Make:
Hard to gauge, because I worked as a cook. I guess the favorites are the basics and a few others - chocolate chip cookies, pizza, macaroni & sauce, tuna burgers, pineapple chicken, breaded cutlets, lemon curry cutlets, sweet potato soup, chulent, and a bunch of other chicken recipes (honey apricot, "layah's", Coca-Cola, random concoctions...).
Zodiac Sign:
Leo the Lion.
Who to tag, with Pesach in less than 72 hours...? How about CharlieHall, Jameel, Cruisin' Mom, Yitzchak, and... AbbaGav!