Thursday, February 02, 2006

New GOP House Leader

Well, it looks as if the GOP actually plans on covering one aspect of President Bush's SOTU address, at least to an extent:
House Republicans picked Rep. John Boehner of Ohio as their new majority leader Thursday, one month after Rep. Tom DeLay stepped down permanently to deal with a campaign financing-related indictment in his home state of Texas.
Here's Boehner's solid Wall Street Journal editorial (via Instapundit, who has much more on this) from a couple of weeks ago about cutting pork.

Interesting to note: Roy Blunt won the first round of voting, 110-79-40-2, with Boehner being the 79 and Rep. Shedagg, who may have been a better anti-pork choice, getting the 40. In the second round, Blunt actually lost a vote, and ended up losing the runoff 120-109 to Boehner. My guess would be that Blunt and Boehner did not vote the second time (there are two less total votes), and Boehner picked up every single other vote in Round Two.

This may be the first step for the GOP toward ridding Congress of corruption and pork. Let's hope so.