Tuesday, February 14, 2006

BlogRolling Issues

A lot of readers have noticed that my blog is running slow on and off - apparently, it's primarily because of my blogrolling blogroll, though I'm not sure why. I haven't changed the template, and the blogroll [] is what usually stalls while the page is loading. *Apparently*, large blogrolls sometimes have issues - and I'm just unlucky. It's the reason I haven't added a number of good blogs I'm reading these days to my blogroll, most of whom I've linked to recently. I did add an old friend - whose name really is Xvi - whose blog I discovered, but I knew him well before I knew what a blog was.

I apologize for the inconvience - if anybody notices what else is loading slowly (bottom left...), please let me know! It may also be the template or the fancy-ish Scribe words in the sidebar such as "The Latest," though I don't think so.