Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well Waddaya Know VIII

...aaaand, we're back! Shragi, our host for this series, sent this to me a while ago, but I neglected to post due to busy season and Yom Tov obligations. So, though it is the middle of the week, in honor of Shragi's turning a quarter of a century old yesterday (happy birthday Zucchini boy!), we're going to post this today.
Moshe's mother sent him to buy 20 items. He will remember:
  • the first items
  • the last items
  • between 5 and 9 items
  • all answers
  • answers 1 & 2
  • answers 2 & 3
Poll is going to be up to the left. Good luck! :) Feel free to elaborate in the comments, and also discuss the previous question which didn't last long enough to get any comments:
What do you think of the idea to privatize the jails?