Monday, April 14, 2008

Pesach Caption Contest... the comments.

As before - Smart and Funny are your only criteria.

"I tell ya Sol, this holiday is making my wife crazy. She's running around like, I can't think of the right analogy but you get what I'm saying."



  1. "Nice day."


    "Water's fine."


    "Finally stopped smelling like fish."

  2. I'm laughing too hard at the options to actually post anything. That picture is awesome. :)

  3. "Who's in there?"

    "Nobody here but us chickens!"

  4. Here are some proposed captions replied back to the person who originally sent around the pic:

    -Ahhhhh, Pesach hotels.

    -none of them were chicken to enter the steamy Jacuzzi

    -It's nice to sit in the hot tub after all that running around

    -They must be going to a hotel.

    -Erev Pesach, relaxing in a a chicken without a head!

  5. Chicken B: Nice plucking.
    Chicken Eh: I'm Canadian.

  6. "Ugh. The water here is murkier than in the mikveh."


    "Awww... DUDE!! That's GROSS!"


    "The best part is, while they do all the cleaning and cooking and scrubbing, we can just sit here and not even worry that they're going to come in."


    "Aaaahhh... sure feels good after laying all those eggs."


    "The one thing I don't like is that it makes me feel light-headed."


    [A to C] "You look like you could use a little more hair on that chest, eh?" [elbows B to the left, A&B chuckle]

    [C to A] "And you look like you could have used a little more meat on that body, too." [elbows D, and B&C&D all laugh]


    "...I'm telling you, that Rooster kid just doesn't have his head on straight... where are the parents!?"


    "Oh, man, I sure am happy to not have to deal with that Old Man McDonald anymore. All day: [annoying voice] 'C'mon, chickies - sing with me! E-I-E-I - hey, c'mon, show a little more excitement! Flap those wings a little!' Ugh. SO annoying."

  7. "oh sorry. that one came from me"

  8. Chicken 1: Hey dolls, my friend and I couldn't help notice you hot ladies in the pool. Hope you don't mind us joining you. So what are your names?

    Chicken 2: This is Brad, I'm Steve

  9. Head in the clouds, again?


    "So how long did you run around after they chopped your head?"
    "I ran for a full 30 seconds!"
    "Oh yeah? That's nothing. Chicken E is STILL running around out there."


    "I hope the oven is almost done pre-heating. We're all going to catch dreadful colds soaking around in here much longer."
    "...Have you lost your MIND?"


    "In my coop, we have a hundred bafrooms."
    "You mean your parents' coop?"
    "You mean two bafrooms?"

  10. I'm off to the sauna after this. Anyone care to join me?

  11. More from the e-mail thread:

    -Psik reisha v'lo….yichyeh?

    -Could you bring us some cold ones (of gravy)?

    -The way he's been staring at me, I think the guy sitting to my right may be [ ]

    -We finally got our once chance to go away to a Pesach hotel.

    -Now, THIS is a single event that [ ] could go for.

    -We're safe at last. Dougie's On the Run never did find us.

    -So, what's up with the Pesach margarine crisis?

    -Everything from soup to nuts.

    -All we do here is eat and get stuffed

    -What do you think they will be kashering first, the sink or us?

  12. "...ya, so, ever since he decided to cross Maple Road, we never saw him again"

  13. "No elboes on the table please. you don't want people to think we are --!"

  14. "I tell ya Sol, this holiday is making my wife crazy. She's running around like, I can't think of the right analogy but you get what I'm saying."

    *NOT* a good thing to read while answering the phone at work.

  15. -
    "Nuuu, what's doing, what's the hock?"
    "Oy, I've been so busy, I've been runnning around like a... like a... um."

    "Boy, it's been a while since I had a shvitz!"

    "Soooo guys, uh, where're all the chicks?"

    "Dude, sometimes I just feel like a fish out of water..."
    "Hahaha, dude, FISH, maaaan do THEY have it comin'!"

  16. All I can say is, "Eeeeeeeewwwwww......" :)