Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My life...Enjoy!

While discussing how busy my life has been recently I realized that all the things I’m involved with on a day-to-day basis fit nice and neatly into little boxes. I also believe cheshbon hanefesh is a big deal and it’s something I’ve been doing in my own way for about 10 months now. However Ezzie and I have come to the conclusion that I’m no longer capable of managing all the different areas of my life, and in attempt to step the whole chesbon hanefesh thing up a notch (or 7 or 36) I’m going to put it all out there for the readership to monitor. Call it “The Mordy Show” or the “Mordy Experiment” or “Project Mordy” or me just having no busha, but basically I’ve compiled a list of everything currently going on in my life that needs to get done. I tried to refrain from putting on things that I merely want to do, and put on things that I actually have to do for some reason or another. I’m not quite sure what the actual parameters are of this test or experiment or whatever it is just yet, but I’m open to anything and if anyone has any questions on any of the listed “tasks” and their specific importance I’ll definitely give further explanation. Basically, what I think is going to happen is that I’m going to post this list again in two weeks and we’ll see which ones I’ve crossed off as completed, which ones I’m working on and what new stuff needs to be added, etc.
So this is what’s currently going on in my life summed up into 7 categories and 36 needs, listed in some sort of order of importance, without getting too specific…

1. Stop cursing
2. Going to shachris with a minyan
3. Learning b’chavrusa
4. Say no to my yetzer horas

1. 6 Discussion board posts and related readings for His I
2. 7 Discussion board posts and related readings for His II
3. Get 2 books and write paper for His I
4. Make up His I mid-term
5. Make up His II mid-term
6. Get 2 books and write His II mid-term
7. Write 2 Lit II papers

1. Finish catching up
2. Stay caught up
3. Try not to go insane
4. Get pay check
5. Find better job

1. Find someone to cover cleanup next Thursday night
2. Fill ice coolers
3. Stop wasting time
4. Check out a set of pocket tools

1. Finish all blacks and whites (V3’s)
2. Project purples and limes (V4’s)
3. Attempt yellows and teals (V5’s)
4. Finish lead test
5. Check out new shoes

1. Make some calls
2. Go on some dates
3. Find the right girl
4. Marry her

1. Take defensive driving class
2. Finish off ticket/license stuff
3. Fix laptop
4. Pay off debt
5. Help out around the house
6. Clean my room
7. Clean my car

See ya in two weeks!