Sunday, April 13, 2008

Teaser Post

All right. So here's the plan for the next month and a half or so on SerandEz & Friends*:
  • Update the Guest Bios list to include: The Apple, SJ, Erachet, Squooshball, Special Ed, Cubicle King, Shragi, G, and Moshe.
  • Update the J-blogger checklist to include... oh my God, it's way too long. But we're going to simplify it and update it. This should be fun. :)
  • Try and finish some of the series that I started writing, like How I Met Serach, Childhood of Potential, and whatever else is sitting there unfinished. (i.e. all of them)
  • Laugh at G.
  • Survive the last 3 weeks (!) of busy season, with Pesach interspersed in the middle of it.
  • Not have any more weekend guests until May! (Um, not as crazy as it sounds. Think.)
  • Figure out why this blog gets more hits the less I write. (Wait a second....!!!)
  • Update the blogroll. No, really!
  • Label all the unlabeled posts, at least from the last few months.
  • Change the header. :::gasp:::
  • Um, and other stuff.
Yeah, exciting, right? Thought so.

* Who noticed before they read that? Huh? Did you even notice yet? Ha - didn't think so.