Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jewish Week (and SerandEz) on Bad4Shidduchim

Hehe. I'm think I'm going to enjoy this far more than she will... I was interviewed via e-mail in midst of a busy day trying to reorganize and clean out our apartment, and probably should have been a little more careful in my wording because I think I was slightly misunderstood on a couple of counts. But anyway, the Jewish Week asked me a few questions in putting together a piece about Bad4Shidduchim, and it's a reasonably good assessment of the blog.

It's also a nice reminder that context is everything:
“Bad4 takes an almost Seinfeld-like approach to the ‘study’ of shidduchim,” says Ezzie Goldish (aka SerandEz), a 24-year-old married blogger from Kew Garden Hills, Queens, who regularly comments on BadForShidduchim and, along with his wife, Serach, has hosted several Shabbatons for frum bloggers. Bad4’s posts are approached “from a point of view that really allows anyone to enjoy the posts, whether they’re young or old, across the [religious] spectrum from chasidish to left-wing Modern Orthodox,” he says.
The Seinfeld line kind of loses sense without the next line, which was "[by] throwing a spotlight on any individual aspect of the dating process, and when you focus on one aspect like that, odds are it's going to be pretty funny."

It's a good piece, check it out.