Monday, June 16, 2008

FEIBP (otherwise known as "operation reviving the fun")

Hello! And welcome to the First Ever Interactive Blogging Poemathon - otherwise known as the FEIBP (pronounced Phoebe. The P [of FEIBP] is silent). FEIBP is brought to you with much rhyme and rhythm by bloggers-by-day-poets-by-night SJ and Erachet.

What, you may ask, is a poemathon? The way it works is we start you off with six lines of a poem. Then it's your job to continue! You can comment with two more lines, or four if you'd like, provided they comply with the rhyme scheme established by the original four lines. Rhyme scheme is basically the pattern of the rhymes. In this poem, every second and fourth line will rhyme (abcb) so that's the rhyme scheme.

When you comment, you should add on to the poem based on whoever commented above you. We'll start with a simple poem, since this round of FEIBP is the First Ever.



The trees swayed in the morning breeze
The day was bright and warm
But distant clouds told an ominous tale
Foreboding a blusterous storm.

Yet little did anyone think of that
As they went to work that day...

[Okay, someone continue!]