Monday, October 29, 2007

Clubhouse Cafe

via Michael, this is interesting, and right around the corner from my office:
If you've ever wanted to go out for drinks with friends of colleagues but felt uncomfortable (or hungry) going to a treif lounge or bar, the owners of Le Marais have created the perfect solution: Clubhouse Café.

Set to open across the street from Le Marais on West 46th Street (and under the hashgacha of the OU), the Café will be a modern/hip bar scene for Jewish professionals. The kosher bar will serve wings, mini burgers (sliders) and a kosher tapas and offer a raw bar assortment. Clubhouse Café will have seating for 90 with continental fare like steaks, burgers, chicken, guacamole and chili, deli and wraps.
Sounds good - and smart. I'm sure that people will quickly be taking dates there.