Friday, April 01, 2011

Phantom Charges From Aron's - Call Aron's or Your Bank


They have had an issue with their credit card processing machines, and you may have been charged randomly! We noticed a $100+ charge hitting our bank yesterday from Aron's Kissena Farms in Kew Gardens Hills, despite not having shopped there in a week. We called them last night, and were told they would look into it and we'd be called back (we were not). We called again today, they looked into it, and they said it was their error and have issued a refund (after transposing the refund amount and charging us again to make up the difference). Check your account and make sure any charges from Aron's were actually incurred, and if not, call them up and complain and/or call your bank to dispute the charge.

And yes, I think it's odd. It's not as if it was the same amount we spent and it accidentally resent the charge - it's a completely random (yet realistic) amount, which means many people may just think "Aron's, looks about right", and let it go. 

Please be aware!

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