Monday, February 28, 2011

EZ Reads 2/28/11

  • Via Daas Torah, a very interesting inside look at London's Charedi community by The Telegraph. I haven't finished it yet, but it's quite fair through where I got up to and very intriguing.
  • Doctors in the UK are now being instructed to tell mothers-to-be that it would be safer to abort than attempt to have a baby. (The Telegraph)
  • MintLife has a really interesting piece that breaks down credit card numbers - they're not random at all, it turns out. Plus a trick to know if a card is fake.
  • Brilliant: Government spending didn't create jobs in the end at all, but now cutting that spending will somehow cost jobs?(WSJ)
    In 2009 the Obama Administration said $814 billion in stimulus spending would create three million new jobs and keep unemployment below 8%. Instead, two years later the economy has two million fewer jobs, and the unemployment rate is still 9%. GDP growth fell $400 billion short of where the White House economists promised it would be. Employment by the end of 2010 was predicted to be 137.6 million as a result of the stimulus, but instead it was 130.2 million—a 7.4 million jobs overestimate.
  •  My mom sent this great video a while back: How teaching math sparks kids' creative thinking. (WSJ)