Friday, February 18, 2011

EZ Reads 2/18/11

Today's links are mostly fun as opposed to serious, so have a good time and a great Shabbos!
  • R' Gil caps the symposium he's held on his blog about the ethics of brain death and organ donation with Part X and gives a closing statement. Excerpt:
    This symposium was not a dialogue. Such a conversation is extremely desirable. Until that happens, the warnings offered by many participants to proceed with respect and caution are worth heeding. ... Until we are able to listen to each other, we will never be able to talk. We did not solve this dilemma here but we can at least leave knowing where the problem lies.
  • R' Moshe Grylak in Mishpacha (hat tip: Chana):
    We met in a certain shul. And this is what he reported: “What can I tell you? I’m a kollel man, I learn well; I even enjoy my learning, and I stick to a regular schedule. But I’ll be honest with you — I don’t believe in G‑d. Everything I do is just a sham.”
  • Chana writes a difficult piece on Why We Cut.
  • Via Diana, there are some nice pictures as highlights Cleveland's Friendship Circle which held a dinner for 120+ people for the volunteer-based organization, which works with children with special needs.
  • Via Ariella, Divrei Chaim rants about ads promoting luxurious trips... to kevarim.
  • Really cool: Wires transform objects from inanimate to hilarious pieces of art.
  • Doghouse (cartoon) explains how to explain things to teens these days.
  • Why patience matters when selling something online (Lifehacker).
  • And finally, xkcd does it again in Let Go (wish I could do what he does in the scroll over text):