Sunday, May 16, 2010

Israel Trip Highlight Pictures

What a crazy, crazy trip, but definitely worth it. Here are the pictures I can put up on the blog...

From top left, L-R:

Row 1: Ezzie at kotel; some palm trees in Lod; the view from Nof Ayalon; Ezzie & Kayla all ready for Shragi's wedding; Kayla walking around Nof Ayalon; Kayla in town enjoying her Coke in her new shirt.
Row 2: Kayla enjoying Groovin's fish tank in Kochav Yaakov; the wedding reception at the Binyanei HaUma; Kayla checking out the plane home at Ben-Gurion; trash cans burning in a charedi neighborhood of Yerushalayim; guns ready for a salute at the kotel for an inauguration for hundreds of IDF soldiers; encased menorah on the steps down toward the kotel.
Row 3: Inauguration setup; lunch with Jameel; Kayla walking around the streets of Israel; Ezzie & Kayla near the kotel 
Row 4: chupah for Shragi's wedding; tana'im at the wedding (signed by Ezzie); setup for inauguration at kotel; tzeischem l'shalom sign on way out of Yerushalayim.