Monday, April 06, 2009

EZ Reads: Pesach Cleaning

It's going to be a busy day here as we get ready for Pesach, running errands, getting a rack for our car (any suggestions? wouldn't get to us on time...), and all that fun stuff. At least we don't have to make Pesach this year, though it will likely be the last time that's true. Instead of posting, I'm scheduling a bunch of EZ Reads to go up over the course of the day.

Typically, these roundups are composed by dropping into a folder any pieces that seem interesting. When there are a bunch in the folder, after checking which ones still seem interesting after another glance, they get shared here for anyone to take a look at. When times are busy, though, the folder gets to be a little fat; Pesach is a good time to clean it out a bit, and since we don't have an apartment to clean {ducks}, this - and our car - will be my Pesach cleaning. Since some people enjoy these and some people don't care for them at all, preferring when I write stuff (clearly, this is my Mom), everything will be divided into sections for y'all (a post for each type, scheduled over the course of the day) and only available on expand or by going to the individual post pages.