Wednesday, April 01, 2009

EZ Reads, 4/1

I'm shutting down SerandEz after today.* It's been a nice ride, these almost 4 years, but I think it's about time. Elsewhere today:
  • ProfK discusses "minhagim" about Pesach and their origins. Really funny while making great points.
  • Interesting piece about a Jewish lawyer who somehow ended up training NBA stars.
  • Facebook helps a family split during the Holocaust reunite.
  • R' Horowitz reprints a letter on Tough Times.
  • A beautiful shot via DealBreaker of the media's wonderful coverage of news. The press never impacts the news through their coverage, they only report what is happening. Right.
  • Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes is pressing a new crackdown on sexual abuse in the Orthodox community. Yiasher Kochacho.
* April Fool's. Duh.