Monday, November 21, 2011

Some People Dream Big

When I watched this video it made me think about how people make career choices. I mean does anybody actually grow thinking they want to be an accountant or do they fall into their career choice because they found something they want to do or because they happen to be good at it? When I think about my career choice, I know that I love my field and when I first heard about it, I knew thats what I wanted to do with my life. But would I have chosen it as a child and followed that dream of this job? Unlikely. As a child I thought I wanted to be a Rebbi. I adored my rebbeim and I had some really good ones as a child. Then I entered high-school and had such bad experiences that I never wanted to look at that profession. 

So my question is specifically in terms of dreams and modeling (not economic factors)
A) Do we have a shortage of good teachers because of the bad teacher experience, because of the shortage of good male role-models in education? 
B) Is there an interplay of having more women going into education because of the difference in quality of women educators? 
C) Any other comments?