Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Hello! I'm in Israel now! I just thought I'd say hi and tell y'all about a few highlights so far:

1. You never know the impact just one small creature can have on the grander scheme of things. For instance, due to a bird hitting the wing of our plane while it was in JFK (before we even boarded), we had a three hour delay, reached our connecting flight in London with 20 minutes to takeoff (they had to re-open boarding for us and the other people on our earlier flight), and all our luggage ended up getting left in Heathrow Airport. We won't be getting it back until tomorrow morning (we landed last night). That is erev Yom Kippur when this whole country shuts down. My grandparents said we're lucky if we get it all in time. I'm just hoping we don't all have to go to shul in our clothes that we've been wearing for three days already.

2. As we were sitting on the plane in New York waiting for the "situation" to finish being dealt with, my dad asked a tall, lanky British flight attendant, "Excuse me, what's going on with the delay?" And the flight attendant replied, in his British drawl, "I really don't know, sir. I'm just passing by to get an orange."

3. Running through the airport with a bunch of Chassidim is a VERY funny sight, I just have to say.

4. We saw the new bridge in Yerushalaim for the train thing that won't be finished for another two years. But the bridge is really pretty! It was lit up all purplish white last night and it's built to look like David's harp.

5. I realized that, for the first time in years, I am completely and utterly dependant on my parents and/or grandparents. I have no phone (my family only has one phone here and my parents have it) and no money. Just what my parents give me. It's kind of scary like that because it means I can't just go off on my own with my friends really, or even by myself. Well, I guess I can, but I won't be very findable, nor will I be able to reach anyone else.

6. Fourteen hours of traveling - if you don't count all the time in the airport before we left JFK - is LONG.

7. When I logged in here, everything was in Hebrew! It was actually really cool! The whole log in thing at the top was in Hebrew and, yeah, I thought that was so cool. :)

8. Bye! Miss you guys!