NAME: Serach (Luchins) Goldish
AGE: 29 

HOME: Cleveland, OH

ABOUT: Serach grew up in Monsey, NY, the youngest of four very loud girls. A cousin remarked to my mother upon meeting Serach shortly before our wedding that the best word she could use to describe Serach was "livewire". Meanwhile, her sister noted to me when we got engaged that I had just subscribed to a lifetime of free entertainment. As anyone who has visited Casa SerandEz can attest to, both of these are certainly true.

While Serach claims to abhor the blog and places her affiliation with it as "in name only", she secretly enjoys it and not only reads every post, but often comments either on or off the blog about what's written. On rare occasion, she will even write a post about a subject near and dear to her heart. Serach received her Master's in Education and Special Education from Touro College, graduating summa cum laude, and works as a teacher both in education and special education.

Most importantly, she's the best wife and mother and kindly puts up with my various hobbies (...usually). :)

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