NAME: Ezzie Goldish
AGE: 30
HOME: Cleveland, OH

ABOUT: I grew up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, the youngest of three kids, and attended the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland (HAC), davening at the Young Israel of Cleveland in the same building. At 14, I headed west to the lake shore of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for high school, studying at the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study (WITS), a branch of the Chofetz Chaim yeshivos (RSA), before heading to Israel for two years. While there, I studied mostly at Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim (OJ) with a short stint to start second year at Yeshivas Beis Yisroel. Upon returning to the US, I attended the Lander College for Men in Queens, majoring in accounting. During my first year at LCM I met a beautiful, sweet, and ridiculously entertaining girl named Serach Luchins through a friend, and after dating for a few months, we were engaged. Shortly after the school year ended, in June 2004, we got married in her hometown of Monsey, NY.

When we got married, we moved into an apartment down the block from Lander and across the street from many of my old classmates who were now in Chofetz Chaim's main branch in Kew Gardens Hills - meaning we often had tons of friends coming by. After finishing at Lander, Serach finishing her Master's, giving birth to Elianna in March 2006, and landing a job at a large accounting firm in Manhattan auditing hedge funds, we moved across the neighborhood to a 2-bedroom apartment, allowing us to have even more guests than we used to. We then moved back near Chofetz Chaim and Lander, where we rented a small house that has enough room for plenty of guests and for the girls to play with their friends. Recently, we moved back to Cleveland as I accepted a job as an accounting and finance consultant for a group that services Fortune 1000 companies. I also serve as a financial consultant for an exciting health social support startup and for various other small businesses.

Shortly after Kayla was born in June 2008, I became Mr. Mom, watching the girls during the day while Serach worked as a SEIT, similar to what we did during my last semester in Lander with Elianna. Spending time with your kids is amazing. In July 2009, I signed on as the controller of a small, seemingly exciting, almost "start-up" like public company, and in September 2009 became the CFO of the company - and was dragged through a disaster. I've now been able to move on, and after attempting (and failing) to raise capital for a startup company I created, began working as a financial analyst for a fast-growing company in the healthcare industry, a position I held until this move. Serach continues her work as a SEIT through various agencies, while Elianna loves school and Kayla loves her big sister. The two of them are a combination of utter genius, absolute hilarity, serious mischief, and streaks of prankster sprinkled on top of incredible sweetness and caring. In December 2011, we gave birth to yet another super-cute baby girl, Ariella. Her sisters adore her and take wonderful care of her... so far. They're the best big sisters a girl can have!

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